block dock (brush)


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Product details

The Brush Dock toothbrush and toothpaste holder is made from aluminium and is powder-coated in hardwearing, long-lasting paint to match your Block DockTM

It suits manual, handled toothbrushes (whatever they are made from, and is especially good with bamboo). They simply hang in the small side slots. They’ll be happy whichever way you face them so pick what works best for you. The heads of your electric toothpaste can be stored in this too.

Here’s the best bit: The toothpaste tube simply slides (cap to the top) in and out of the centre of the Brush Dock. As your tube gets empty simply bend it up and slide it in folded. It’s SUPER EASY to use.

If you use interdental brushes, the fold in the legs is there so you can store those on the wee ledge that's created. If you have a metal tongue scraper you can hang that over that area too. I call them the underflaps – seems as good a name as any to me! If your tongue cleaner is brush style it can claim one of the Brush Dock’s parking spots.

Your toothcare storage will be transformed. It looks simple, and it is. That’s also why it works!