balm (rakiura stewart island)


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A balm is one of the easiest ways reap the full benefits of Calendula. In fact, herbalists believe that Calendula is most therapeutic when used as a balm. Calendula helps to increase blood flow and oxygen to the treated area, stimulating new tissue growth. Calendula balm is your go-to for help treating an enormous range of skin ailments including: -Accelerating wound healing such as burns, cuts and other abrasions -Acne -Bruises -Chapped lips or hands -Strained muscles and sprains -Nappy rash -Dry, itchy skin, Dermatitis, Eczema and Psoriasis -Stings or swellings -Improves hydration and firmness of skin Our products are all handmade on stewart island/rakiura from organic, homegrown and locally sourced ingrediants We take pride in how we make our products and the ingredients we use, we want to ensure they are beneficial and healing for your body and soul.