Our Story

Our Story

Kia ora, I started somewhat green in 2018. I have always been a bit of a ‘greenie’ and at university joined an environmental group and protested to reduce the logging of the amazon rainforest almost 20 years ago.

However since then I haven’t always been as green as I have wanted to be. What I started to realise in my 40s was that if you pay that little bit more for quality, it’s usually cheaper in the long run and better for the planet.

The name somewhat green came after a cup of coffee with my brother in 2018 who teased me with ‘you’re a somewhat greenie’. Boom! And that’s how the name came about. He’s claiming royalties, no chance.

I would like to thank the people who have helped me with this website.  The front picture on the website is by Sian of Sea Society (seasocietynz.com) an amazing environmental organisation. Most of the photos are by the calm and superb photographer  TK who abandoned me and moved back to Thailand due to covid.  (Tonkla Foto | Facebook The website is beautifully designed by Jane  and the team at Back 9 Creative Studio | Facebook  a great local business in Invercargill . Recently  Annycreationsnz | Facebook has helped me with some photos.  The website  is  still a work in progress and thank you to everyones support.

As I do more research I am becoming more green as I progress. So it doesn’t matter what stage you’re at, I’d like to think that ‘somewhat green’ can help you with your environmental journey.

noho ora mai

(stay well look after yourselves)

naa (from)


Our Journey
Our Journey

2018  – researched and found suppliers

2019 – December: launched  www.somewhatgreen.co.nz online

2020 – November 1:  In Invercargill renovated and  launched shop called ‘the old market garage’ with a variety of small businesses and ‘somewhat green’ had a space in the shop.

2021 – June 1: Renovated and moved next door into 156 tay street Invercargill with Kankis , a latin american grocery shop and cafe.

2021 – August :  Launched a new website with new products.

2021- December : Somewhat Green on 156 Tay street has developed into a shop with different categories and continues to source great  environmental products.

The  shop address is  156 Tay Street Invercargill and in  2022 is open Monday to Friday 10 am to 5pm  and Saturdays 10 -1 pm.


Our beliefs
Our beliefs

These are the core values that somewhat green believes in.

  • High-quality products: as alternatives to cheap, low-quality, single-use products that end up straight in the landfill. These products may cost you more upfront, but just by being high-quality and long-lasting, they are better for the environment. Plus, they’ll cost you less in the long run.
  • Eco-friendly: products made from eco-friendly materials or that use eco-friendly production methods. We like businesses that have an environmental focus. 
  • Made or designed in New Zealand: Ideally, we want products to be designed and manufactured in New Zealand, but this isn’t always feasible. Products designed in New Zealand are beneficial too.
  • Ethical: ethically produced and researched.  This indicates that employees and suppliers of the manufacturer are treated ethically. We always ask the suppliers who makes your products.

The products of somewhat green will have at least one of the values mentioned above. Most have all four.

We believe that these four values will help towards a more sustainable future for everyone.

Our Mission
Our Mission

“Do what you can”

It’s Your Journey

We know that you are doing whatever is right for you in your environmental journey.

As Nic from mainstream green says –

“Many people doing small things create ripples of change.”


In order for these ripples of change to occur, people need to be comfortable in doing whatever their time, energy and budget allows.  This will result in long lasting change and this is what we want for you and for all of us.

Somewhat Green Leaves

Thank you for being here

You’ve taken the first step to do what you can. We can all make small changes that have a big impact.
Here are some facts that can help you in your buying decision.

Let’s aim to replace plastics with reusable products!

Let’s aim to replace plastics with reusable products!

Plastic doesn’t degrade and right now each New Zealander adds about 25kg of plastic to landfills a year. So lets try to use reusable products and  help to lower that amount a good deal. We have a good range of reusable products.

A single sip has a big impact!

As an alternative to single use straws and cutlery, reusable items are long-lasting and don’t contribute to landfills. Metal straws can be used again and again, and reusable cups help drinks to  stay hot or cold. See our range

Keep your produce fresh the eco way!

Keep your produce fresh the eco way!

Did you know that produce will spoil in faster in single-use bags? Many kinds of produce create ethylene gas, which can cause fruits and vegetables to spoil faster. Reusable bags are breathable, allowing that gas to escape—and helping your produce last longer! Have a peek at our Eco Saint range.

Make the switch to bars instead of bottles

Many soaps and shampoos don’t recycle well, but using bars instead of liquids can help the environment. The ones we sell at Somewhat Green are all-natural, meaning they’re great for your body and the environment at the same time!

Switch it up!

Switch it up!

There are so many items that we use every day that have reusable or eco-friendly alternatives. Fire starters have an organic option, food wrap has washable, reusable beeswax, and even dishtowels and rubbish bags have compostable, biodegradable options. Making some small changes can have a huge impact! We have lots of options at Somewhat Green.